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The Concept of Stateful and Stateless Applications

We often hear the terms "stateful" and "stateless". Understanding these concepts has a critical importance since it is one of the most essential questions when designing and architecting software applications. In today's blog post, I wanted to talk about these two very basic concepts. As the simplest definition, stateful application means an application which remembers the past, similarly, stateless application means an application which doesn't remember the past. The state we have been talking about might be saved in a database, a file on the disk, a cookie in a browser etc. As an example, consider an e-commerce website. When…

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Containerizing a .NET Application with Docker – Step by Step Guide

Docker is a powerful tool that allows developers to package applications into containers. These containers can run on any system that has Docker installed, making it easier to deploy and run applications consistently across different environments. Containers are like lightweight, portable packages for your application, including everything it needs to run: code, runtime, libraries, and settings. I assume that you have already know what Docker is and also you have .NET and Docker installed on your machine. Don't worry, just download and then next + next. For more details and official documentation, you can visit Docker's official website and for…

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Architectural Design Patterns 3 – Microservices

In this article, we will be talking about Microservices, a design pattern that has gained attraction for its approach to building large and complex software applications. At its core, Microservices is about breaking down an app into smaller parts where each part doing its own job. Instead of one big chunk of software that does everything, you have multiple little services working together. Each microservice is responsible for its own task but collaborating with others to function properly. This approach shines in many situations, especially in cloud-based systems. The cloud is like massive land ready for construction. Microservices allow developers…

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