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On Azure Functions and Serverless

There's no shortage of tools and technologies to make developers' lives easier In the world of cloud computing, and one such offering comes from Microsoft which is Azure Functions. Here, we'll unravel the magic behind Azure Functions and explore why it's becoming a favourite for certain architectures. At its core, Azure Functions is a serverless compute service. "Serverless" might sound misleading, as there definitely are servers involved; however, the idea is that the responsibility of server management, scaling, and infrastructure concerns are taken away from the developer. This allows us to focus on writing and deploying our code. Azure Functions…

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Architectural Design Patterns 4 – Event-Driven Architecture

Event-Driven Architecture is currently enjoying a lot of attention from businesses around the world due to the enhanced capabilities offered by cloud-based systems. Imagine a digital ecosystem like a busy marketplace. In this environment, various systems act as vendors declaring their services and updates. Rather than each customer (or system) having to visit every vendor to check for new items, they simply wait and respond whenever a vendor announces a product they're interested in. That's precisely how Event-Driven Architecture operates. Systems no longer continuously scan for updates or changes; they react upon the occurrence of a significant event. For instance,…

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