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D Programming Language: A Hidden Gem

D is an interesting language. For some reason, I have an emotional connection with this language and I believe that it is the subject of the biggest unfairness story in the history of software development. To me, it is the best programming language in the market for the reasons I am going to state below. However, this language is underestimated, underrated, and despised in the programming circles because it doesn't have a strong backer. In this article I want to talk about, and give some credit to D, an underrated sibling of C++, Java and C#. The D programming language…

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Rust: A Modern Time Challenger to C++

For developers of my generation, C++ was the go-to language. It was everywhere, especially when you needed to write code that is fast, efficient and object oriented. C++ gave us the control we need to use every bit of performance and also extendable language to adapt modern programming techniques. We didn't really think that one day there would be another language that could ever challenge C++ in what it did best. To me, C++ is still the king of all programming languages. However, Rust is not a rival to undermine. In this blog post we will see some details about…

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Go Language: A Modern Take on System Programming

Today, I want to talk about a new generation language which gains ground among developers. Go also popularly known as Golang, an open-source programming language created at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson in 2007. It was specifically designed to improve programming productivity in the era of multicore processors, networked systems, and massive computation clusters. Go's syntax is quite simple. It has a blood from C as C++, Java, C# etc. but they removed semi-columns as opposed to the traditional C type languages. A simple program to print "Hello, World!" in Go looks like: package main import…

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